We Help With Various Types of Bonds in Riverside


Criminal Bonds

If a person has been arrested for a criminal offense and is being held in custody, you may need help in securing a criminal bail bond. You would need to pay 10 percent of the total value of the bail amount. For example, if the bail was set at $25,000 you would need to pay $2,500 as the premium or fee to obtain the bond.


Federal Bonds

If a person has been arrested for a federal offense or interstate crime, then a federal bail will be needed. Crimes that are committed on federal property, defacing federal property or crimes that extend across other state lines are all considered federal crimes, and are prosecuted by federal agencies. As these crimes are more serious, the bail is likely to be higher and will be determined at the discretion of the judge at the arraignment hearing. Karla’s Bail Bonds DOES NOT handle federal bonds.



Property Bond

A property bond is something that is posted with the court itself in order to secure the defendant’s release from jail. The defendant, a relative or friend can use his or her property as collateral to secure the release. The court then records a lien on that person’s property so as to secure the entire bail amount. If the person (defendant) breaks his agreement to show up at court, the property is then subject to being taken over by the court and proceedings may take place to begin foreclosure on the property to cover the amount of the bail. These types of bonds are not used often in the U.S., and some states will not honor them.

Surety Bonds

This is a more complex type of bail bond that involves a series of contracts with the bond agent. The bail bond agent is acting as a surety. A surety by definition is a person who pledges that another’s obligation will be met in case of default. The bond agent will take responsibility for the obligations of the person arrested as regards the bail set by the court. Prior to making the agreement, a series of interviews are done with the arrestee to ensure the agreement will be feasible for all concerned. The agent, the defendant and the court are the three parties involved in a surety bond.

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